Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano -Faith & Engagement-

by Onsen
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This is a music CD.

This CD is filled with the memorable music from the "Fire Emblem" series, all arranged in acoustic piano by popular Japanese pianist, Keiko! 

Track list:

  • Sentou Map 1 Player-gawa no Kougeki (from "Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light")
  • Zentai Map 3-shou (Kaihou Sensou: Sorezore no Michi) (from "Gaiden")
  • Deai (from "Gaiden")
  • Shinryuu Densetsu (A) (from "Mystery of the Emblem")
  • Seliph no Theme / Meguru Omoi (from "Genealogy of the Holy War")
  • Leif-gun, Shouri wo Motomete Lief (from "Thracia 776")
  • Harukanaru Risoukyou (from "The Binding Blade")
  • Victory is Near (from "Path of Radiance")
  • Father's Back (from "Path of Radiance")
  • Konton no Otoshigo Yune (from "Akatsuki no Megami")
  • Kajin no Kami (from "Radiant Dawn")
  • "I" ~An (from "Awakening")
  • Kisama-ra ga... Nee-san no Kotoba wo Kataruna! (from "Awakening")
  • Anata e Tsuzuku Michi (from "if")
  • Hikari Sasu Kanata e (from "if")
  • if - Hitori Omou (from "if")

Note: Please note that the above track list is tentative, and may change.


Code: ONS66244
Release Date: Sep 2017
Item Size/Weight: 14.2cm x 12.5cm x 0.8cm / 80g
Manufacturer: Onsen