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    FINAL FANTASY VII: Bring Arts Cloud Strife & hardy-DAYTONA
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May Release

FINAL FANTASY VII: Bring Arts Cloud Strife & hardy-DAYTONA

by Square Enix

$202.75 USD

This item is expected to release in May 2025. Preorder yours now! You will not be charged until the item is released and your order is filled.


This is a posable action figure.

From "FINAL FANTASY VII", Shinra's latest motorcycle, the Hardy Daytona,
and the main character Cloud Strife are now available as a BRING ARTS set!

The Daytona's design is based on the original FINAL FANTASY VII, and it expresses an impactful appearance with its heavy body and tires, black metallic frame, unique handlebars and engine structure.
The handlebars are movable at the base, so it can be posed leaning forward and grabbing them.
The stand is movable so it can stand up, and both the front and rear wheels can rotate.
You can also recreate the memorable scene in the movie where Cloud escapes the Shinra Building.
Cloud Strife is the same type as "FINAL FANTASY VII BRING ARTS Cloud Strife" except for the handlebar holder.

[Final Fantasy VII Bring Arts Cloud Strife & Hardy-Daytona]
Size: Cloud approx. W57xD30xH153mm Daytona approx. W63xD225xH108mm


*The photo is a work in progress. Please note that it may differ from the actual product.


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