Figure Oh #114

by World Photo Press
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This is a magazine about general modeling subjects.

Not exactly a magazine devoted solely to figures, as the title may lead you to believe, "Figure Oh" ("Figure King") is in fact a fantastic magazine devoted to toys, dolls, and various merchandising (keychains, capsule and bottle-cap collectibles, etc.). Full color photos with black-and-white shop advertisements in the back. This issue's special articles feature the Transformers movie, upcoming Transformers toys and movie-related merchandise, plus the latest scoop on the "Kamen Rider The Next" live action movie. Other topics include Medicos' Jonathan Joestar statue, Project BM! Kamen Rider The Next #1, RAH Darth Maul, RAH Shishitora, Revoltech Yotsuba Revoltech Black Getter, Revoltech Super Valkyrie VF-1J, SIC Kamen Rider G3 & G4, HCM Pro Nu Gundam, Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Siren Sorento, Armor Trans Kamen Rider Den-O & Momotaros Imagin, as well as the latest and upcoming merchandise for Kamen Rider Den-O and Gekiranger, among many others.


Code: WPPFG114
Release Date: Jul 2007
Series: Figure Oh
Item Size/Weight: 28.5cm x 21.0cm x 0.9cm / 440g
Manufacturer: World Photo Press
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