Famous Airplanes #134: North American FJ Fury

by Bunrindo
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This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about aircraft and/or aircraft modeling. Some Japanese aircraft books, such as the Aero Detail series contain complete English text as well. See the product description below for details.

A Japanese-language book devoted to the Fury. Developed in conjunction with the F-86, the Navy was originally unsure about the idea of swept-wing aircraft aboard carriers, and so the first Furies had conventional straight wings. The Navy soon changed its mind, though, and later Furies were very clearly close cousins of the Air Force's F-86. This edition of Famous Airplanes of the World is chock full of color and black and white photos of all these various versions of the Fury, and also includes multi-view plans for all four major versions. Softcover with dust jacket.


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Release Date: Jul 2009
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