Fairy Tail - Dragon Cry: Bocchi-kun Acrylic Charm Gray

by ACG
$6.37 USD $6.37 USD


This is a strap, keyholder, or charm.

The "Fairy Tail" characters join the Bocchi-kun lineup! 

“Bocchi” comes from the Japanese phrase “hitori bocchi”, meaning ‘all alone’ or ‘all by oneself’, and this series tries to depict characters in a position representative of this phrase—looking a little lonely and in need of your attention!

Gray Fullbuster measures about 4cm tall and 4cm wide, and comes with both a strap and an earphone jack plug attached so you can easily hang him from your cellphone, bag, or wherever else you like!


Code: ACG58311
Release Date: Jun 2017
Series: Fairy Tail
Item Size/Weight: 17.0cm x 5.8cm x 0.5cm / 10g
Manufacturer: ACG