Exoforce Mobile Defense Tank

by Lego
$42.30 USD $47.00 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

The creative folks at Lego pay homage to anime mecha adventures with "Exoforce," their cool new toy line that pits five young pilots against an evil robot army. The Mobile Defense Tank, piloted by Ryo and a human soldier, is an uber-powerful defense tank with tracks built for conquering any type of terrain. Armed with multiple laser cannons and an energy disc launcher, the tank also comes with an Exoforce light brick that lights up when pressed. Its alternate mode is an Advanced Tactical Unit, which is a less mobile tank but packs a big punch in terms of firepower! Two Lego figures, Ryo and a human soldier, are included in this set.


Code: LGO46780
Release Date: Jan 2007
Series: Exoforce
Item Size/Weight: 38.2cm x 28.5cm x 5.8cm / 700g
Manufacturer: Lego