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    Dynamic!! The Chronicle: Go Nagai (2 CDs)
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Dynamic!! The Chronicle: Go Nagai (2 CDs)

by Be! Smile

$27.27 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is a music CD.

Be! Smile serves up this tremendous 60th-birthday salute to manga master Go Nagai: a two-CD set of songs from his animated works (oops, and live-action too--sorry, Pokoider and Maboroshi Panty!) and intriguing image instrumentals from some of his manga! On hand to belt out impressive covers and self-covers are Ichirou Mizuki, Isao Sasaki, MIQ, Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endou, Apple Pie & The Kinds, Yakan Nabe and GO. Recommended!

Disc 1 Tracks:

  1. Mazinger Z
  2. Z No Theme
  3. Bokura No Mazinger Z
  4. Sora Tobu Mazinger Z
  5. Minerva X Ni Sasageru Uta
  6. Sayaka No Theme
  7. Devilman No Uta
  8. Kyou Mo Dokokade Devilman
  9. Ore Wa Great Mazinger
  10. Yuusha Wa Mazinger
  11. Tetsuya No Theme
  12. Getter Robo!
  13. Ikuze Kyodai! Getter Robo
  14. Heiwa No Senshi-tachi
  15. Fumetsu No Machine Getter Robo
  16. Moeru Ai No Hoshi
  17. Tobe! Grendizer
  18. Uchuu No Ouja Grendizer
  19. Dante (Instrumental)
  20. idee (Instrumental)
  21. Devilman Armageddon No Theme (Instrumental)
  22. THE LEGENDS OF DEVILMAN (Instrumental)

Disc 2 Tracks:

  1. Koutetsu Jeeg No Uta
  2. Tobe! Groizer X
  3. Iza Yuke! Robot Gundan
  4. Tatakai No Uta
  5. Henchin Pokoider
  6. Kyoryu Cyborg Machine Zaurer
  7. Maboroshi Panty No Uta
  8. Kodoku No Tabiji -LONELY JOURNEY-
  9. Lullaby
  10. Jikan No Yuwaku
  11. Dreamy My Love
  12. Ikari No Jushin
  13. Getter Robo Go
  14. 21st Century Boy
  15. HEATS (Live)
  16. Mazinkaiser
  17. Mazinkaiser No Ballad
  18. Chinta To Susumi No Ballad
  19. jack holic (Instrumental)
  20. isokinetics (Instrumental)
  21. Sou Teni (Instrumental)
  22. wall (Instrumental)


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