DX Seiza Blaster (Kyuranger)

by Bandai
$34.84 USD $43.56 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

The Kyurangers' henshin device features 6 modes, with sound effects and lights for all of the KyuTama! 

Seiza Change is the first mode: insert a Kyutama and move it to the right to choose your transformation, then press the side button.

Seiza Attack is the second mode, with each Kyutama activating a different attack!

The third mode, Seiza Go, summons the Voyagers.  Press the side button to activate the fourth mode, Seiza Control. Seiza Docking, the fifth mode, combines all the Voyagers into KyurenOh, and the last mode is for communications.  


Code: BANN12137
Release Date:
Series: Kyuranger
Item Size/Weight: 30.0cm x 31.0cm x 12.8cm / 730g
Manufacturer: Bandai