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    DX Phone Braver 7
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DX Phone Braver 7

by Bandai

$34.68 USD $43.35 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

It's a cell phone! It's a hero! It's both! Yes, folks, Phone Braver 7 ("Keitai Sousakan 7" in Japanese) is on the scene, meting out his special brand of cellular justice--he even has his own TV show! In his unassuming "Mobile Form," he mingles with humanity unnoticed as a mild-mannered mobile phone...but dial 507 and push the "Action" button, and he transforms into the mighty humanoid "Active Form." Well, you have to give him a hand folding out his arms and legs (much obliged!), but you do get to see some "original animation" on the screen, showing his transformation and final scowl of satisfaction! Once transformed, his arms and legs are fully articulated, letting you put 7 into any heroic pose you wish. Batteries included!

In "Mobile Form," 7 shows a variety of emotions via his screen. There's also a training mode, where you can put him through his paces. A cool feature is his library of vocabulary and phrases, which you can assemble to create over 27,000 combinations!

In "Active Form," 7 can speak 10 different phrases, like "Watashi ga Sebun da" ("I'm 7"), "Nettowa-ku akusesu" ("Network access"), "Ninmu kanryou" ("Mission accomplished"), "Keitai wo nageru na" ('Don't throw the cell phone"), and "Ikuzo, badi-" ("Let's go, buddy!"). Cool! Of course, 7 only speaks Japanese.

Sadly enough, this very cool 7 toy is not a real phone...

See a whole lot more about Phone Braver 7 at the official website!

Be sure to check out out 7's bevy of Phone Boost buddies, linked below! Collect 'em all!


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