DX Chogo-kin Great Mazinger

by Bandai
$464.91 USD $489.38 USD


This is a posable action figure of a character from science-fiction/anime.

Great Mazinger now becomes a magnificent DX Chogo-kin release from Bandai! Standing a big 32.5cm tall, this figure has so many features and extras, it's hard to know where to begin!

The outer armor can be removed to show off the precisely detailed internal parts (the armor over the chest, abdomen, and waist is split so that you can display the robot half-exposed); it has a sound gimmick (the voice of pilot Ken Tetsuya yelling ";Mazin Go, fire on!", "Thunder Break!", "Great Typhoon!", &"Great Boomerang!", "Atomic Punch!", "Breast Fire!", and "Scramble Dash!" There are also three instrumental songs, and Mazinger Blade sound effects! The chest and eyes light up for the Thunder Break and Breast Fire, too. An infrared remote control allows you to trigger any of these actions from a distance.

An amazing array of accessories are included, too! The Brain Condor is included, and the Great Booster wings can be attached to Great Mazinger when it's time to take to the skies; vertical blades to assist in flight can expand from Great Mazinger's legs. Parts are also included to reproduce the Drill Pressure Punch. Blades in the legs are ready to deal the devastating Back Spin Kick, and a needle for the Knee Impulse Kick!

If you happen to have the DX Chogo-kin Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger comes with some extra parts for him too! There are parts for the two robots to shake hands as in the final epsiode of "Great Mazinger," and two Mazinger Blades are included too--one for each of them to wield!

A fantastically detailed maintenance hangar display environment is also included.

In short, do not miss out on this history-making robot!


Code: BAN989006
Release Date: Dec 2015
Item Size/Weight: 67.3cm x 44.5cm x 34.5cm / 10640g
Manufacturer: Bandai