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    DUST END CLOTH Premium
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Aug. Release


by Plamo Improvement Commission

$3.86 USD $4.54 USD

This item is expected to release in Aug. 2024. Preorder yours now! You will not be charged until the item is released and your order is filled.


This is a tool for use in model assembly.

*Due to the popularity of this product, it may not be possible to fill all orders on the first release date. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that the item may be delivered during a later release date than originally listed.

Product Introduction
The Dust End Cloth Premium is a microfiber cleaning cloth for models that is often used in professional settings such as factories, manufacturing, and laboratories. It is soft and lint-free. The fabric, which has excellent water absorption, does not easily penetrate the backside, and it securely absorbs paint and liquids wiped up, making it very useful in painting areas that tend to get dirty. It is perfect for maintaining airbrushes, tools, and brushes that dislike dust and oil. Since it is disposable, you can always clean with a fresh cloth, making it a premium disposable cleaning cloth for models.


  • Soft and High-Quality Fabric
    The soft fabric made of microfiber is lint-free and can be used in dusty environments such as painting sites, allowing you to wipe off dirt without releasing dust. It has excellent water absorption and breathability comparable to or better than cotton, making it ideal not only for wiping up accidentally spilled paint but also for wiping off excess paint on brush tips. Since it does not transfer easily to tables, you can paint with peace of mind by laying one sheet on the painting area. It is a cloth that can be used safely to wipe off without scratching tools and parts.

  • Tear-Resistant and Durable
    Due to the high durability of the fabric, you can thoroughly wipe with just one sheet even though it is disposable. Also, even after the paint or solvent wiped off dries, it does not tear easily, maintaining the softness of the material for reuse.

  • Meets a Wide Range of Modeler Needs
    It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from adjusting the amount of paint on brush tips, wiping parts before painting, wiping off solvents and paints, to general cleaning. Additionally, because of its smooth, low-friction fibers, it can also be used as a polishing cloth for parts with compound. It is a premium cleaning cloth that can be easily handled, catering to all needs from advanced users to beginners.

  • Brush Painting
    The fabric with high water absorption absorbs excess paint on brush tips, allowing for optimal amount adjustment during brush painting. Even if you accidentally spill paint, you can quickly wipe it clean and feel safe painting by laying just one sheet.

  • Airbrush Maintenance
    The soft fabric can wipe the inside of airbrushes without scratching them. Since it does not release dust, it prevents paint clogging and finishing defects, ensuring stable painting work.

  • Wiping Tasks
    With the high durability of the fabric, it can thoroughly wipe off oil from cutting tools. Taking advantage of its flexibility and tear resistance, it can clean dirt even in narrow gaps.

  • Polishing Work
    Because of the smooth, low-friction fibers, it can also be used as a polishing cloth for parts with compound. By replacing the cloth with a new one for each particle, you can work efficiently.

  • Dust Prevention with Strict Packaging
    The Dust End Cloth Premium comes in a pack of 100 sheets, vacuum-packed from the manufacturing stage. It is sealed to prevent dust from entering after shipment, and further packaged in a zip-lock aluminum bag to protect against static electricity and prevent dust from adhering to the cloth even after opening.

Product Specifications

  • Set Contents
    One pack contains 100 sheets.

  • Material

  • Product Size
    Approximately 12 cm x 12 cm per sheet


  • This product is designed for disposable use and is not bordered, so repeated use may cause fraying from the edges.
  • Washing and reusing or exposing the cloth to outside air for a long time will cause it to attract dust and lose its original dustless performance.
  • Always use a new cloth when cleaning precision instruments like airbrushes to prevent the intrusion of fine debris.
  • Although this product uses particularly soft fabric, be cautious as it may cause fine scratches on delicate materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf, lacquer, plating, and paint.
  • Be careful not to damage the fibers by touching sharp objects or rough surfaces.
  • Do not use or leave it near open flames.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not use this product for purposes other than its intended use.
  • Always use a new cloth when cleaning precision instruments like airbrushes to prevent the intrusion of fine debris.
  • If using on skin, be careful not to rub too hard, and use at your own risk.


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