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    Dolphin Wave: Life Size Oppai Mouse Pad Iruka Sakimiya
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Dolphin Wave: Life Size Oppai Mouse Pad Iruka Sakimiya

by Soft Garage

$231.10 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is a mouse pad, USB memory, cell phone cover, or PC accessory.

From the exhilarating jet battle "Dolphin Wave" (Dol Web) distributed by HONEY PARADE GAMES,
The life-size boob mouse pad of the "Dolphins" is now available!

Product Description
The illustrations have been newly drawn for this item!
The dolphins running freely in the glittering ocean,
The dolphins running freely in the glittering ocean are now available as a realistic-sized boob mouse pad!
Enjoy the "life-size" figures that will only appeal to you!

What is a life-size boobie mouse pad?
Life-size boobs mouse pad is the "ultimate life-size item" originally planned and developed by Softgarage.
It is a mousepad that is not a standard size for a mousepad, but it is a huge size,
It is an item that allows you to enjoy your favorite characters in "real size",
Since its release in 2013, the product has been well received by many fans in Japan and abroad.
We are very particular about materials, manufacturing methods, and all other aspects of our products, and we are committed to "complete custom-made manufacturing".
Although these are expensive goods, we are confident that the quality will be better than the price!

Life-size boobie mouse pad special points
1. Silicon
M.J. Original, a pioneer in the silicone bust world, uses SuperSoft 2.0, which was originally developed for this item.
The soft and fluffy feel of the silicone breast is sure to be addictive, with just the right amount of elasticity to make it soft and supple again!

2. special attention to fabric
The fabric is made of 2-way tricot, which is used for hug pillow covers.
High-resolution, beautiful prints vividly show the presence of the characters.
The fabric is moist and comfortable to the touch, making it an excellent match with the silicone bust.
It creates a unique rubbing feeling that cannot be imitated anywhere else.

3. manufacturing method
The process of fixing the silicone bust to the base surface and wrapping the fabric around the back surface is all done by hand.
The degree of wrapping greatly changes the tactile sensation, so the craftsman's skillful sense is required.
Another feature of this product is the "play" space between the fabric and the base surface at the top of the bust.
This space allows pressure to be released when rubbing, resulting in a more natural tactile feeling.

Dolphin Wave Life-Size Boobs Mouse Pad: Sakuimiya Irika Product Specifications
Size: Approx. W380mm x H450mm x H110mm (base surface)
Total weight: Approx. 1,800g (boob weight 1,600g)
Cloth part: 2-way tricot, domestic printing with water-based ink
Tit material: M.J. SuperSoft 2.0 (M.J. Original brand special order)
Pedestal part: base board made of polystyrene material, bottom made of polyethylene material
Handmade in Japan
The image is under development.

The product is made by handmade, so there may be some individual differences. Please understand it beforehand.
The so-called "valley" part between the upper part of the boob part and both boobs is not glued to the fabric and let it play.
Please use it as it is, as it will naturally float away from the adhesive core.
The cloth part is not detachable (it is fixed by folding it into the base part).
It is not intended to be used standing up, as it is manufactured with the assumption that it is a mouse pad.
The product is designed to be strong enough to be used in an upright position for a long time,
However, please be aware that accidents may occur due to changes over time.

(C) Marvelous Inc.


  • Code: SFG00025-COM
  • JAN Code: 2100000000258
  • Release Date: 2024/03/27
  • Category: Fun Goods
  • Item Type: PC Accessories
  • Manufacturer: Soft Garage
  • Item Size/Weight: 52.5 x 41.5 x 10 cm / 2730g
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