Defo-Real King Ghidorah (2019) General Distribution Ver.

by X Plus
$119.34 USD $119.34 USD


This is a fixed-pose model of a science-fiction/anime item.

One of the mightiest kaiju in the "Godzilla" universe, King Ghidorah, gets a Defo-Real figure release based on his appearance in the 2019 film! Featuring incredible sculpting, Defo-Real King Ghidorah has been shrunken into a palm-top size while maintaining the many details of his three ferocious heads and scales. Be sure to add this tiny beast to your collection! 

  • [Figure Size]: About 14cm tall, 25cm long, 24cm wide


Code: XPS01788
Release Date:
Series: Godzilla
Item Size/Weight: 28.0cm x 25.0cm x 19.0cm / 790g
Manufacturer: X Plus