D-06 Galvatron

by Takara Tomy
$16.75 USD $20.94 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

All hail the mighty Galvatron! Instead of the laser cannon alternate mode he took in the "Transformers" animated movie and TV series, this time the Decepticon leader is disguised as a more modern-looking Merkava tank! Capable of switching between his tank and robot modes, Galvatron features chrome parts for his turret and side skirt armor, plus a clear part at the back of his head to allow light to shine through and light up his eyes! His orange cannon can fire a spring-loaded projectile.

Initially released in the U.S. in Hasbro's "Transformers: Universe" toy line, Galvatron and other Transformers in this "Henkei! Henkei! Transformers" line are redecorated by Takara Tomy for the Japanese market with a different color scheme for a more accurate resemblance to their counterparts in the original "Transformers" animated show. Each toy in this series also features chrome-plated parts and comes in Japanese packaging.


Code: TKT31616
Release Date: Nov 2008
Item Size/Weight: 25.2cm x 16.2cm x 7.2cm / 230g
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy