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    Comic Dengeki Daioh 2023/05
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Comic Dengeki Daioh 2023/05

by Kadokawa Media Works

$5.27 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is a Japanese (or English) language manga (comic) or a magazine featuring multiple manga series.

The first volume of the comics is already on sale! Tatsuya and Miyuki announce the warm arrival of spring with "The Lesser Students of Magical High School: Escape Arc" gracing the cover. Tatsuya Shiba's next move, which has caught the world's attention, is ......?

Eria Haseira's new serial, "Tenka Musho no Maidens are competing for my seed. !!!!! Also, keep an eye out for the new series "Tenka Musou no Otome ga Mukashi ni Mukashi ni Tsuite" by Eria Haseira! You will surely be captivated by the fierce battles between the heroines of "New Currents"!

The center color lineup for the spring season features four superb titles! The center color lineup for this spring features four gorgeous titles: "Brother and Sister's Wishful Thinking," "The Female Blacksmith Was Picked Up by a Good-Natured Guild - Life as a Blacksmith in a New World," "The Unliked Prince's Redo: Mastering [Dark Magic] in the Frontier, Creating an Ideal Kingdom with the Strongest Family," and "Is Friendship Between Men and Women Possible? (No, it doesn't!)". Please enjoy the beautiful illustrations in the following books.


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