Chax GP Action Gloomy Walking: Instinctive Gray

by Taito
$14.43 USD $14.43 USD


This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure.

Oh, the humanity...! Poor Pity-kun is getting dragged along after a brutal mauling by this Action Gloomy Bear...well, that's what he gets for not leaving cute li'l bears in the forest where they belong! This big-eyed plush "Instinctive" gray Gloomy Bear stands 32cm (that's just over 12 inches!) tall, and ain't about to let go of the bloodied Pity-kun in his claws. Give his left paw a squeeze and Gloomy will go shambling along on his hind legs, dragging unfortunate Pity-kun!!

(Note: To get Gloomy ready for action, first unsnap his back-flap, insert three AA batteries [not included] into his implanted battery box, and resnap the flap closed. Please limit each walk to no more than three minutes at a time. Gloomy will be good to go again after one minute of rest, though!)


Code: TAT459247400-B
Release Date: Sep 2008
Item Size/Weight: 35.0cm x 24.0cm x 19.0cm / 490g
Manufacturer: Taito