Buster Machine CB01 DX Go-Buster Ace

by Bandai
$41.77 USD $46.41 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

Go-Buster Ace is where it all begins for the Go-Buster team!  Ace forms the core of Go-Busteroh, the giant robot they use to right wrongs and make the world a better place.  All on its own, Go-Buster Ace can transform through four different modes, a regular car, "Buster Vehicle Cheeda", "Buster Animal Cheeda" and of course, Go-Buster Ace robot form.  Combines with the gorilla and rabbit "Buster Machines" (going on sale in late March) to dock together and form Go-Busteroh.

Initial quantities of this item are limited, but more stock will be forthcoming.  Place your order and sit tight!  


Code: BAN971712
Release Date:
Series: Go-Busters
Item Size/Weight: 26.2cm x 22.2cm x 10.3cm / 690g
Manufacturer: Bandai