Buster Gear #02: Ichigan Buster

by Bandai
$29.27 USD $36.59 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

Imagine that you're a special forces team member, charged with photographing your target before taking it out.  Wouldn't it be convenient if you could do both tasks with the same device?  Enter the "Ichigan Buster!"

"Ichigan" is short for "Ichiganrefu" which is Japanese for "SLR," as in "Single lens reflex" (camera).  Go-Busters uses these incredibly handy devices to both shoot and shoot their opponents (get it?  sorry...).  Plug in a couple of AAA batteries for clever electronic sounds and light-up effects when you operate the trigger or zoom.  

Can also dock together with the Sougan Blade item (sold separately) to create "Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode."  What fun!


Code: BAN971716
Release Date:
Series: Go-Busters
Item Size/Weight: 27.0cm x 15.2cm x 14.2cm / 720g
Manufacturer: Bandai