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    Brave Gohkin EX AFC-01H Eta Legioss & Tread
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Brave Gohkin EX AFC-01H Eta Legioss & Tread

by CM's Corporation

$213.52 USD $251.20 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is an action toy, with some die-cast metal parts, of a science fiction/anime character or item.

CM's Corporation continues to take on the challenge of producing great transformable mechas from anime classic "Genesis Climber Mospeada" with this AFC-01H Eta Legioss & Tread set! A fine addition to the Brave Gohkin EX line, blue Eta Legioss is a triple-changer that can switch between its Armo Fighter, Armo Diver, and Armo Soldier modes, while Tread can switch between Armo Bomber and Armo Soldier modes. Each mecha's cockpit canopy can be opened to reveal a pilot figure inside. Eta Legioss comes armed with its gatling beam gun and optional missile pod attachment, and the missile hatches on both Eta Legioss and Tread can open and close. Another great feature is that Tread can combine to the back of Eta Legioss in either Armo Fighter mode or Armo Soldier mode to give the Legioss an added boost in speed! Three in-scale figures of Stick with Ride Armor are included. Both mechas and optional parts are made of ABS, POM, and PVC, while the docking arm is made of die-cast metal.


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