Boshin War Photo Collection

by Shinjinbutsu Oraisha
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This is a book or magazine about tanks/AFVs and/or military modeling.

The Meiji Revolution, which took place in 1867, was soon followed by civil war against the army of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The Civil War continued through 1869 and this civil war is called the Boshin War (Boshin Sensou). This book covers the time from the battle of Toba-Fushimi to the fall of Aizu castle, where the famous Byakko-Tai was defeated. The authors have visited almost all the known monuments of the war and lead you through history with pictures and detailed descriptions of the battles. Most of the pictures are of those monuments, but some old pictures are included too. If you are interested in Modern Japanese History, this book would be a great reference. 198 pages. All photos are in black and white.


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Release Date: Mar 2004
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