Bellerophon (Cameron Custom) DX Type

by Sentinel
$252.72 USD $252.72 USD


This is a fixed-pose model of a science-fiction/anime item.

From the manufacturer description:

The EF-JAT47FG Bellorophon is the jack-of-all-trades "workhorse" of the Earth Force's mech infantry. Originally a hybrid product of Runarian technology, salvaged Waster mech, and good old-fashioned human ingenuity, the Bellorophon mech started out as remote-controlled robotic drones. But, with the development of F.I.R.M. (Fully Immersive Robotic Manipulation), the Bellerophon became more than a mere piloted mech--but the ultimate merger of man and machine. 

Stands 23cm tall; features die-cast parts, a functional cockpit, more than 90 points of articulation, 18 universal connection ports, interchangable parts and components, and customizable weapon and armor loadouts.

Includes a comic book and DVD, and this first release also includes a clear head dome piece, a "Battalion's Charge" diorama, the Testudo Mobile Tank Mech Hangar diorama, Cam's custom comic-color customizable docking station with a working platform and locking system. 


Code: SET88312
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Item Size/Weight: 41.5cm x 31.0cm x 21.5cm / 3120g
Manufacturer: Sentinel