Air Gear Vol. 20 Limited Edition

by Kodansha
$9.34 USD $9.34 USD


This is a Japanese (or English) language magazine about comics.

Here's volume 20 of the exciting "Air Gear" manga by Ito Ougure (a.k.a. Oh! great), offered as a limited-edition set that includes the emblem pins of Simca, Spitfire, and Agito! Printed in black and white. All text is in Japanese with furigana for the kanji-impaired.

A normal-edition version of the manga has also been produced, linked below!


Code: KDA62101
Release Date: Mar 2008
Series: Air Gear
Item Size/Weight: 17.5cm x 11.8cm x 2.4cm / 220g
Manufacturer: Kodansha