The HobbyLink Japan Affiliate Program

Through the HobbyLink Japan Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission every time someone places an order at via your affiliate links! If you already have a website, blog, or social media presence that you use to talk about the kinds of products we sell, this one's for you!

Note: Our affiliate program does not include a coupon code for users. Instead, the affiliate program is managed through link tracking.


Commission Rate A percentage-based commission of 3%. Bigger orders mean bigger payouts!
Grow Commissions A suite of dedicated tools & resources to make link building & understanding your results a snap!
Link Freedom Submit content to be shared on HLJ's social media channels!
Web Properties Websites, blogs, streaming sites, and social media sites & apps & more are welcome.
Commission Payouts The flexibility to choose your own payout minimum, or have none at all.
Minimal Content Restrictions No restrictions for websites with mature content, adult language, or non-English text!

Terms of Service

Please be sure to read through the terms of service for the HobbyLink Japan Affiliate Program before applying. It is in your best interest to understand the Affiliate Program Terms of Service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the terms of service at any time.

Please direct all inquires to

Effective October 19, 2022
  1. Definitions
    1. "Company" refers to HobbyLink Japan Ltd.
    2. "Applicant" refers to an individual or organization who has applied or is considering applying to the Company’s Referral Program, but who has not yet been approved as an Affiliate.
    3. "Affiliate" refers to an approved applicant who is accepted into the Company’s Affiliate Program, until or unless they are removed, withdrawn, or expelled from the program.
    4. "Web Property" refers to a website, blog, channel, social media account, or other online presence owned or operated by the Applicant or Affiliate.
    5. "Affiliate Link" refers to any link used by an Affiliate which includes a source and medium UTM parameter set unique to the Affiliate.
    6. "Commissions" refers to the amount to be paid to the Affiliate by the Company during a set period of time.
    7. "Warning" refers to a written warning to the Affiliate from the Company describing a Terms of Service violation and necessary action required to correct the violation.
  2. Term
    1. The term of this agreement will be from the time the Applicant is approved as an Affiliate, until the final payment after they are removed, withdrawn, or expelled from the program is settled by the Company, unless
      1. There is no final payment to settle, in which case the term of this agreement will end at the time the Affiliate is removed, withdrawn, or expelled from the program.
  3. Enrollment
    1. Eligibility
      1. The Applicant must
        1. Be at least 20 years of age;
        2. Personally own or operate any Web Properties for which this application is submitted; and
        3. Not be a current employee of HobbyLink Japan or its subsidiaries.
      2. Any Web Properties for which the Applicant submits this form must be free of content which:
        1. Promotes violence, harassment, or bullying;
        2. Promotes the descrimination of, or actively discriminates based on race, sex or gender identity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or nationality;
        3. Promotes any illegal activity;
        4. Promotes the violation of the intellectual property rights, privacy, or other right of any organization or individual, including but not limited to HobbyLink Japan;
        5. Promotes gambling or casinos, digital or otherwise;
        6. Contains defamatory, incorrect, or misleading information about HobbyLink Japan;
        7. Exists solely to link to other websites, or as an aggregator; and
        8. Demonstrates unprofessional conduct which may reflect badly on the Company through affiliation with the Affiliate.
      3. Any submitted web properties must:
        1. Be accessible to the public; private, “friends only,” or otherwise limited-access Web Properties are not eligible for our Affiliate Program, with the exception of:
          1. Facebook Groups which require approval to join.
            1. When an Applicant submits a Facebook Group as a Web Property, the Applicant must allow a HobbyLink Japan staff member entry to the Facebook Group upon request.
          2. Discord servers, as long as an invitation link is provided to the Company
        2. Feature consistent, recent updates, or must otherwise clearly be actively in use;
        3. In the case of social media accounts, at the time of application have 1,000 or more followers or subscribers.
      4. Applicants who are rejected may reapply to the Affiliate Program no sooner than 60 days after the Company sends written notice of rejection to the Applicant.
    2. Review
      1. All Applicants will receive a response to their application whether they are approved or denied within 3 weeks from the time of application.
      2. Applicants should not contact the Company regarding their application until more than 3 full weeks have passed since the time of application.
      3. The Company reserves the right to reject any applications for any reason, with or without explanation.
      4. Submission of the Affiliate Program application does not grant or guarantee entry into the Affiliate Program.
    3. Consent
      1. By submitting an Affiliate Program application, Applicant agrees:
        1. To abide by all terms described on this page;
        2. To receive email communications from the Company related to the Affiliate Program, including but not limited to new feature announcements, updates, requests to the Applicant, and more;
        3. To allow the Company to maintain a record of some or all of the Applicant’s personally identifiable information (PII) submitted via the Affiliate Program application for as long as deemed necessary to administer the Affiliate Program.
  4. Cancellation
    1. Grounds for Cancellation
      1. The Company may remove an Affiliate from the Affiliate Program at any time, effective immediately upon the Company sending written notice to the Affiliate.
      2. The Affiliate may withdraw from the Affiliate Program at any time, effective immediately upon the Company receiving written notice from the Affiliate.
    2. Commissions in the Event of Cancellation
      1. In the case of the Company removing an Affiliate from the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate will be paid in full all unpaid commissions accumulated between the time of the last payment and the sending of the written notice of removal, with the exception of:
        1. An Affiliate removed as a result of any violation of the Terms of Service, in which case a 50% expulsion fee will be deducted from the commissions accumulated between the previous payment period and the Affiliate’s removal from the Affiliate Program.
      2. In the case of the Affiliate withdrawing from the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate will be paid in full all unpaid commissions accumulated between the time of the last payment and the time the Company receives the written notice of withdrawal.
      3. After cancellation, commissions will no longer be paid in any capacity after the payments described in B.1 and B.2 have been settled.
    3. Procedures After Cancellation
      1. Effective immediately upon cancellation for any reason, the Affiliate must:
        1. Remove any mention of partnership, sponsorship, or association with HobbyLink Japan from their Web Properties, including but not limited to text and the Company’s logos.
      2. TThe Company will issue the Affiliate’s final payment of commissions, if owed, within 2 weeks of the Affiliate’s removal or withdrawal from the Affiliate Program.
      3. When an Affiliate is removed or withdraws from the Company’s Affiliate Program, the former Affiliate may reapply to the Affiliate Program:
        1. No sooner than 60 days after removal, in the case of a Affiliate who has been removed from the Affiliate Program by the Company;
        2. No sooner than 30 days, in the case of an Affiliate who has voluntarily withdrawn from the Affiliate Program.
  5. Affiliate Links
    1. A basic Affiliate Link will be provided to the Affiliate upon acceptance into the Affiliate Program. The basic Affiliate Link, as well as any additional Affiliate Links created by the Affiliate or Company, may only be used on the Web Properties submitted at the time of application.
      1. Affiliates may request, by email, to add additional Web Properties to the Affiliate Program at any time. Such Web Properties must receive written approval from the Company to join the Affiliate Program.
      2. Affiliate Links must not be used on any Web Properties that have not been approved as a part of the Affiliate’s application.
  6. Commissions
    1. Payment Structure
      1. Initially, commissions will amount to 3% of the full order value of orders, and will be paid in Japanese yen. The percentage can be adjusted up at the discretion of the Company, based on Affiliate performance.
      2. Commissions that exceed 100,000 JPY in a month will be capped at 100,000 JPY. The cap can be modified:
        1. 6 months after the Affiliate first exceeds the 100,000 JPY limit, at the discretion of the Company, based on Affiliate performance;
        2. 6 months after the Affiliate first exceeds their current limit, at the discretion of the Company, based on Affiliate performance;
        3. Or at the discretion of the Company, based on Affiliate performance.
      3. Commissions will be paid for every order placed through the Affiliate’s tagged links that has been recorded in the Company’s analytics software, and has been placed:
        1. During the same session (as defined by the Company’s analytics software) as the click on the Affiliate’s tagged link;
        2. Without leaving the site, without entering the site from another external source during the same session (as defined by the Company’s analytics software), and without clearing identifying Cookies or other browser data that may impact the recording of a transaction;
        3. By an account that does not violate the HobbyLink Japan Terms & Conditions of Use, including but not limited to:
          1. An account that is actively blacklisted or an account related to one which is actively blacklisted;
          2. An account with any outstanding payment disputes or chargebacks;
          3. An account that appears to be manipulating the Company’s website in any way, including duplicate accounts created by the same customer in order to circumvent per-account limits.
      4. The Company reserves the right to refuse payment of Commissions related to any transactions that:
        1. Appear fraudulent;
        2. Appear to be in violation of the Company’s Terms & Conditions of Use;
        3. Have not been recorded in the Company’s analytics software as attributed to the Affiliate;
        4. Were placed for personal use by the Affiliate, when personal transactions exceed transactions via the Affiliate’s Affiliate Link(s) by other customers;
        5. Or for any other reason deemed fit by the Company.
      5. Payments will be made to a valid PayPal account held by the Affiliate.
        1. Any fees charged by PayPal for the transfer of funds will be the responsibility of the Affiliate and will not be compensated by the Company.
      6. The Affiliate may use their own tagged links to place orders; Commissions will still be paid in this case in accordance with the rules described in A.2 and A.4.d.
      7. If the Affiliate is a resident of Japan, Commission payments will include the Japanese consumption tax. It is the sole responsibility of the Affiliate to file an income tax return in accordance with local law.
    2. Payment Period
      1. Commissions for any given month totalling below 1,000 JPY will automatically roll over to the next month, and so on, until the Affiliate has accumulated at least 1,000 JPY, with the exception of:
        1. The Affiliate directly requesting payment of commissions totalling below 1,000 JPY for any given month, when the request is made within the first two weeks of the following month.
      2. Commissions accumulated between the first day and final day the previous calendar month will be included in each payment.
  7. Affiliate Responsibilities
    1. The Affiliate is responsible for the development, maintenance, and operation of any of the Affiliate’s Web Properties and for placing Affiliate Links on any applicable Web Properties in compliance with the terms of this Affiliate Program.
    2. The Affiliate is responsible for disclosing that they receive a commission from the Company in accordance with any local laws. The Company will not be responsible for the violation of any local laws by the Affiliate.
    3. The Affiliate is responsible for all materials that appear on any Web Properties, for changing any Affiliate Links as requested by the Company, and for notifying the Company of any changes to any Web Properties that could potentially impact the Web Property’s standing in the Affiliate Program.
    4. The Affiliate is also responsible for limiting the use of Affiliate Links to any Web Properties approved by the Company; failure to do so may result in a Warning.
      1. If the Affiliate wishes to add additional Web Properties, they may contact the Company for approval at any time.
      2. The Affiliate may not use Affiliate Links on any Web Properties pending approval before approval has been granted, and may not use Affiliate Links on any Web Property that is not approved.
    5. The Affiliate must not engage in promotional activities with any Affiliate Links which could be classified as spam.
  8. Limited License
    1. Upon acceptance into the Affiliate Program, the Company grants the Affiliate a revocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use the promotional materials provided by the Company during the term of this agreement. The Referrer must request in writing any materials they wish to use, including but not limited to graphics, logos, text, and videos.
    2. The Affiliate may display materials provided by the Company on their registered Web Properties for the sole purpose of participating in the Affiliate Program.
    3. The Affiliate is prohibited from distributing, reproducing, modifying, amending, or creating derivative works of any promotional materials, with the exception of:
      1. Resizing an image to a smaller size either through code or an image editor.
    4. Upon removal, withdrawal, or expulsion of the Affiliate, the Affiliate’s limited license to use the promotional materials from the Company will cease as of the cancellation date, and the Affiliate must immediately cease any use of any of the Company’s materials.
    5. The Affiliate is not granted a license to use any of the Company’s intellectual property or proprietary material, other than the materials approved in writing by the Company.
  9. Limitation of Liability
    1. The Company shall bear no liability to the Affiliate for any loss of business, use, profits, or for business interruption, costs related to Web Properties, or damages of any kind, however caused, and whether or not the Company has been advised of the possibility of any such damages.
    2. The Company’s liability will never exceed the commissions paid in this agreement, for any reason.
    3. The Company shall bear no liability to the Affiliate, visitors, or any parties outside of the Company in the event that downtime, errors, or technical problems of any kind on the Company’s website prevent tracking of any order, or otherwise impacts orders or attempted orders.
  10. Agreement Headings
    1. The headings of all paragraphs and subparagraphs in this agreement are included for convenience only and are to have no bearing on the interpretation of this agreement or any information in it.
  11. Modification
    1. This agreement represents the full terms and conditions of the Company’s Affiliate Program, and no waivers or amendments shall modify the agreement as it currently appears.
    2. The Company may modify this agreement in full or in part at any time at the sole discretion of the Company, by updating the text in this document, and notifying any Affiliates by email. Modifications are immediately applicable at the time of posting.
    3. If the Affiliate does not accept any modification, the Affiliate’s only recourse is to withdraw from the Affiliate Program. Continued participation in the Affiliate Program following any modification will continue to constitute binding acceptance of the agreement in its entirety.
  12. Confidentiality
    1. The Affiliate agrees not to disclose, share, or compromise:
      1. Any information about the Affiliate Program that is not publicly available;
      2. Any personally identifiable information of any users of the Affiliate’s Web Properties;
      3. Any proprietary information about the Affiliate Program, HobbyLink Japan Ltd., or any of the Company’s business partners, employees, investors, contributors, or contractors to which the Affiliate may have access as a result of participation in the Affiliate Program, both during and after the term of this agreement.
  13. Privacy Policy
    1. The Company’s Privacy Policy can be found here:
  14. Governing Law
    1. The parties hereby consent to and confer exclusive jurisdiction upon Tokyo District Court (Japan) over any disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

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