Aero Spider Gray Band B

by Takara Tomy
$8.82 USD $44.13 USD


This is a injection plastic and metal radio or remote-controlled car model.

As seen on TV (here in Japan)! This crazy little infra-red remote-controlled car can drive on walls! And on the undersides of tables! And on the ceiling (although not recommended by Takara Tomy)! The secret to its spider-like clinging abilities is a suction fan mounted in the body that literally keeps the car sucked down tight on any smooth surface you place it on. Yes, you do need a smooth surface, or the little guy can't cling to his full potential. Use the controller to drive forward, backward, right, left, and perform dynamic spins. The controller also acts as a battery recharger for the car. The controller itself requires six AA batteries; not included. Two Aero Spiders can be operated together, as long as their operating bands are different (A or B). This Aero Spider is finished in a cool gray, and operates on the B band. See the other Aero Spiders, linked below!

Check out the Aero Spider webpage, too! It's all in Japanese, but some clicking of the various icons should produce some interesting results!


Code: TKT32426
Release Date: Oct 2008
Item Size/Weight: 24.5cm x 15.0cm x 8.0cm / 360g
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy