85mm RC IJN Battleship Yamato 27MHz

by Doyusha
$17.48 USD $19.42 USD


This is a fixed-pose model of a ship.

Here's a great little scrunched-up remote-controlled IJN battleship Yamato! This super-cute little squirt is only 85mm long, and can move forward or backward in the water using the RC controller. It doesn't turn by remote control, but you can set the rudder before you set sail to steer your way around in the bathtub, sink, aquarium, or just about any body of water. At only 85mm long, it can sail just about anywhere! The rearward turret is the power switch. Comes with the Yamato itself, the RC controller (also doubles as a carrying case for the Yamato), and a stand to display the Yamato when it's not at sea. Batteries included!


Code: DYS00440
Release Date: Jul 2007
Item Size/Weight: 23.2cm x 16.4cm x 7.7cm / 220g
Manufacturer: Doyusha