60cm Silicone Seamless Doll Body New Body Cream Color Full Option

by Arte Tokio
$819.48 USD $819.48 USD


This is part for use with figures/dolls.

The Arte Tokio 60cm seamless silicone doll body is ready to help take your doll customization to the next level! Made of soft medical-grade silicone, this body has a special wire frame inside, so it can get into just about any pose you can think of. Commercially available heads made for 60cm dolls will work well with this body; two different kinds of head joint parts are included. This body is also compatible with a wide range of commercially available 60cm doll clothing. In addition, the "New Body" has no marks on the back which typically occur with molding, making it ideal for barebacked fashions! This version is Arte Tokio's "cream" color, which works best with Obtisu 60cm and Azone Whitey 60cm doll heads; this is the version with body makeup and a moderate bust size. No head is included. Help the girl of your dreams make her first step into reality today!

This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists. Please be aware that customs regulations for your country may prevent this figure from being delivered to you (contact your country's customs agency if you have questions about this). Parental regulations may also prevent you from receiving it. Please use discretion when ordering.


Release Date: Oct 2009
Item Size/Weight: 71.5cm x 25.0cm x 19.6cm / 2440g
Manufacturer: Arte Tokio