1/8 Ciel

by Tora no Ana
$86.31 USD $86.31 USD


This is a fixed-pose resin-cast figure kit.

From the series Tsukihime (Moon Princess) comes Ciel ('sky'), wielding six long swords and looking about ready to use them! The sculpt is a fairly simple one but still fluid. Each sword is cast separately and has to be attached to its grip in Ciel's hand. An interesting parts cut allows the close drape of her gown over her right leg. Have fun getting those swords done!

Thirteen white resin parts, with minimal excess resin and very few sprues. No base is included but you'll want to fix her to one just for stability.


Code: TRA20105
Release Date: Jun 2002
Series: Tsukihime
Item Size/Weight: 16.4cm x 22.4cm x 6.0cm / 250g
Manufacturer: Tora no Ana

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