1/72 VF-19A Transformable

by Yamato
$56.31 USD $66.25 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

Color variant of the VF-19 from the game Macross VF-X2.

Yamato's YF-19 is probably the first true Macross-based transforming item we've seen since the good ol' days of Takatoku Toys items (not counting kits, of course). And speaking of kits, this completed model is based directly on the Studio HalfEye kit from a few years ago.

Packed in an attractive window box, this item is formed of painted die-cast metal and plastic parts. The overall finish is pretty good, too. Comes with a replaceable trigger hand and rifle, but those are the only accessories. But who needs accessories when you get complete transformation! This model can transform between Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid mode, but I won't lie to you and tell you it's an easy process. There's a lot of little parts that need to be twisted, shifted and turned to make it happen, so be prepared for a learning process (and we don't really recommend this for kids under 8 or so for that reason, too). A very cool addition to any Macross collection! Thanks, Yamato!


Code: YMTMC-04
Release Date: Aug 2001
Series: Macross
Item Size/Weight: 23.4cm x 28.3cm x 14.0cm / 900g
Manufacturer: Yamato