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    IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi Island and Flight Deck Pearl Harbor Attack 1941 with 1/16 IJN Officer Figure Initial Limited Edition
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IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi Island and Flight Deck Pearl Harbor Attack 1941 with 1/16 IJN Officer Figure Initial Limited Edition

by Beaver Corporation

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This is a set of injection-plastic detailing parts for use with ship models.

Introducing the Beaver Corporation original injection kit 1/72 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi Bridge and Flight Deck 1941, with a special first release limited edition 1/16 IJN Officer figure!

[History on the Ship]

Akagi was a Japanese naval aircraft carrier that began its construction in 1907 at the Kure Naval Arsenal as a cruiser under the 8-8 Fleet Plan. However, due to the Washington Naval Conference and the signing of disarmament treaties, its construction was halted. Within the framework of these treaties, Akagi was converted from a cruiser into an aircraft carrier. Initially built as a three-tiered aircraft carrier, it was later modified into a single-tier, full-flight deck aircraft carrier.

Akagi played a significant role in history by participating in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and later advancing into the Indian Ocean. In April 1942, it engaged in the Battle of Ceylon with the British Navy. Tragically, during the Battle of Midway in June of the same year, Akagi, along with "Kaga," "Soryu," and "Hiryu," met its demise.

[About the Scale Model Kit]

Beaver Corporation's fantastically detailed 1/72 scale kit of the IJN aircraft carrier Akagi's island and flight deck offers modelers not only a spectacularly accurate model of the carrier's control center, but also provides a perfectly sized environment to display their favorite IJN aircraft, such as A6M Zeroes, B5N Kates, and D3A Vals.

Developed in cooperation with Takom, this limited-edition kit is packed with features, such as the distinctive rolled hammocks that were used as extra protection around the island (can be built with or without), a fully detailed bridge interior,  and of course the various equipment on and around the bridge, including the briefing blackboard on the flight deck level. The minute padeyes on the flight deck are finely reproduced, and an accurate selection of signal flags are provided to be hung from the main mast. The kit includes everything you need to build the Akagi island and flight deck as it appeared at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack in December, 1941.

This limited edition kit features a special Beaver Corporation-branded box, and includes a fantastic exclusive premium: a beautifully sculpted injection plastic figure of an IJN officer in 1/16 scale.

You can't get this version of the Akagi outside of Japan, so be sure to reserve this amazing scale model here!

[Product Details]

  • Hammocks (mantlets) wound around the bridge can be chosen to be attached or removed
  • Includes one 1/16 IJN Officer figure, a limited edition only available in Japan with the first release of this kit!


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