1/72 IJN A-Target Type A Midget Submarine Sydney Bay Attacker

by Fine Molds
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This is an injection-plastic ship model kit.

Fine Molds has done it again: an excellent full injection-plastic kit of an incredibly minor piece of WWII hardware! This is the so-called "midget sub" that took part in the Japanese attack on Sydney Bay. Officially called the "Ko-Hyoteki Ko-gata," which translates into English as the "A-Target Type A," this two-man sub carried two torpedoes. They had the distinction of being the targets of the first shots fired between the U.S. and Japan in WWII, the first ships sunk, and the crew member of one became the first Japanese prisoner-of-war taken by the Americans. Two of these subs did manage to slip into Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, and they are known to have fired their torpedoes, but in the confusion that reigned that day it is unknown just how much damage they did.

The kit was designed after extensive research of the existing subs, and is very well done, including surface weld marks and other details. Special parts are included to model the Sydney Bay attack version. Measures just over 30cm long when completed. Includes a display stand and markings for three versions of the sub.


Code: FNMFS-03
Release Date:
Scale: 1/72
Item Size/Weight: 34.0cm x 19.0cm x 4.3cm / 210g
Manufacturer: Fine Molds

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