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    German King Tiger (Porsche Turret)
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1/72 German King Tiger (Porsche Turret)

by Flyhawk Model

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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

The King Tiger tank followed the Tiger I design concept, but with additional armaments and armor, with the same slanted armor as the Panther. When this tank was put into service, there was no tank that could compete with those of the Allies; the tank was equipped with an improved 8.8cm KwK43/2L/71 tank gun and 180mm thick front armor. The King Tiger deployed to defensive positions fully demonstrated its power, but the engine output was insufficient for its massive 70-ton weight, resulting in poor mobility and high fuel consumption. In addition, by the time mass production of the King Tiger began, the factory was unable to operate properly due to deterioration, so the number of production was less than 500.

Made by Henschel and Porsche, the King Tiger's turret was designed by Krupp. The early mass-produced turret was made by Porsche with a strong curved design, and was excellent at the start of the sloped armor (inclining the armor and distributing the kinetic energy of anti-tank shells). However, it was pointed out that when a shell hit the lower part of the front of the turret, it would bounce and penetrate the thin part of the armor. This version of the King Tiger is equipped with a Henschel turret. Place your order today!


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