1/72 Chinese Air Force Ji-10 Fighter

by Trumpeter
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This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

An all new-tool kit of China's newest jet fighter, the Ji-10. Designed to be in the same class as the Eurofighter or Rafael, something about the design says "Lavi" to me. Any similarity is purely coincidental, I'm sure. Looking in the box, I am reminded of Italeri kits. Panel lines are recessed, a bit soft on the fuselage, crisper on the wings. Not up to "trench" level, but they are a bit wider than the latest Hasegawa releases. Cockpit detail consists of engraved squares and circles on the panel and consoles, somewhat basic but with careful painting should look OK. The seat is also somewhat plain, while a separate ejection handle is included there are no belts. The landing gear looks pretty good, although the wheel wells are rather basic. Armament included consists of two short-range PL-8 missiles, two medium-range PL-10 missiles and three drop tanks. Apparently the Ji-10 has as much unrefeuled range as an F-16. Decals are provided for two aircraft, one in a dark gray and blue gray scheme and one in a two-tone light gray scheme. However, four-view painting diagrams are only given for the first option, while the second is presented as a port-side only view. You will be on your own as to what the top and starboard side look like.

Overall, with a little work this should build into a respectable model, and would be highly recommended to modern jet fans.


Code: TRP01611
Release Date: Feb 2005
Item Size/Weight: 38.0cm x 24.0cm x 5.0cm / 320g
Manufacturer: Trumpeter

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