1/72 British Mark IA CS Cruiser Tank (A10) Equipped with Close Air Support Artillery

by The World at War
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

In 1934, the British Army sought cheap general-purpose tanks to replace the expensive Mk.III medium tank A6 due to the effects of the global recession. Vickers had been developing a cheaper version of the Mk.III  for some time, and it was adopted as the cruiser Mk.I (A9) in 1937. Since the armor pressure of the A9 was 14mm, a type strengthened to 30mm was also ordered; this was adopted as the cruiser tank Mk.II (A10) and entered mass production. Initially, it was equipped with a water-cooled Vickers machine gun, but it was changed to an air-cooled Besa machine gun during production; that version of the tank was known as the Mk.IIA. British tanks initially consisted of vehicles equipped with 2-pounder guns and a vehicle equipped with a 3-inch gun for close air support; vehicles carrying the 3-inch gun were called the CS type. The maximum armor was 14mm, and maximum speed was 40km. The on-board 2-pounder gun did not have a grenade. In the 1940 game against France, it was deployed to the 1st Armored Division and used until the battle at Dunkirk. It was also operated in North Africa in 1941.

This kit uses many slide-molded and integrally molded parts to reduce the number of parts; a booklet in English and German is also included that describes the actual vehicle. The full-color booklet is 21cm x 29.7cm, with 16 pages. Order yours today!


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Scale: 1/72
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