1/72 British Mark IA Cruiser Tank (A10), 2-pounder

by The World at War
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

In 1934, the British Army sought cheap general-purpose tanks due to the effects of the global recession. Vickers had been developing a cheaper version of the Mk.III medium tank for some time, and the Mk.1(A9) was adopted in 1937. The A9 came with 14mm armor, and a type with 30mm armor was also ordered; the 30mm version was adopted as the cruiser tank Mk.II(A10) and mass produced. Initially it was equipped with a water-cooled Vickers machine gun, but it was changed to an air-cooled Besa machine gun during production and called the Mk.IIA. It was used in France's 1940 battle with the German Army, and was used as a main battle tank in North Africa until about 1941.

This kit from The World at War features slide-molded parts, integrally molded to reduce their number. A 16-page full-color booklet is included discussing the actual vehicle, with text in both English and German. Order yours today!


Code: WAWPW72013
Release Date: May 2021
Scale: 1/72
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: The World at War

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