1/72 Baynes Bat

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This is an injection-plastic aircraft model kit.

OK, we can hear you asking: "What is a Baynes Bat?" Well, it is of course no relation to the Farley Fruitbat, let's make that clear! The strange story of the Bat goes like this: in the pre-war and early war period, several nations were looking for ways to airlift mechanized units. Cargo aircraft big enough to lift a tank were not yet in existence, and even if someone built an aircraft that big there would be the problems of landing the plane and getting the tank offloaded. The obvious solution (well, obvious if you're loony) was towing the tanks as gliders. This neccessitated adding wings. As I mentioned, several countries were looking at the idea, but most designs were based around the tried-but-true configuration of a straight wing with extended empennage and horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Well then along comes Mr. Baynes with his idea for a swept flying wing with the vertical stabilizers on the wingtips. Far simpler, but would such a design fly? Only one way to find out: build a prototype (a model in a wind tunnel probably would have worked, but this is the British we're talking about here...)! And so it was done, and behold, it worked! Fortunately, someone at this point realized that even though it flew, strapping a flying wing onto a tank and dropping it behind the enemy was tantamount to suicide - it would be far more sensible to just drop the tank ON the enemy and be done with it. As a result, the whole plan was sacked. Hopefully those responsible as well, although they may have just gone to Russia, because the Russian army apparently actually DID test-fly a tank with wings attached. But I digress...

The Czech maker Jach has seen fit to present us with this little jewel of a kit of possibly the oddest glider ever. We have here a fine, high-quality kit with recessed panel lines, a respectably detailed cockpit with seat, stick and instrument panel, and an injected clear canopy. Photoetched parts are provided for mass balances, the landing skid and a few other parts. Overall, this kit just screams "quality" and "attention to detail", things clearly lacking from the original idea behind the prototype. Oh, the decal sheet is very nicely done, in perfect register. Buy one, no, buy several! They'll make lovely housewarming presents!


Code: JAC72101
Release Date:
Scale: 1/72
Item Size/Weight: 10.7cm x 21.0cm x 3.5cm / 50g
Manufacturer: JACH

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