1/6 US Navy Seals Gunner Terry

by Dragon
$53.00 USD $66.25 USD


This is a posable doll with real fabric clothing, designed for collectors.

This action doll is Terry, part of the U.S. Navy SEALs, a crack special operations unit of U.S. Navy. He wears a three-color desert camo tunic, Ranger Body Armor, desert boots, woodland camo boonie hat, and glasses. His main weapon is a Storner machinegun updated with RIS (Rail Interface System), complete with dot sight and laser pointer. His sidearm is US SOCOM Mk.23 pistol with light/laser module and silencer. The slide and trigger of this pistol are movable! He also wears an SOE tactical vest with a pair of large modular ammo pouches. Butt pack, a radio and its pouch, a combat knife in sheath, and a commercial CamelBak water bag (instead of a traditional canteen) are included.


Code: DRA70191
Release Date: Aug 2002
Item Size/Weight: 20.3cm x 34.5cm x 9.5cm / 640g
Manufacturer: Dragon