1/6 RAH Old Snake

by Medicom
$164.87 USD $193.96 USD


This is a posable doll with real fabric clothing, designed for collectors.

The aged protagonist from "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" gets the action doll treatment with the release of this superb RAH Old Snake action figure from Medicom! Old Snake (a.k.a. Solid Snake) comes suited in his Octocamo combat suit made of soft vinyl, covering his entire articulated inner body. Each articulation point on the body utilizes metal joints to allow the figure to maintain a variety of realistic action poses. Our grey-haired hero's aged visage is captured in detail on a soft vinyl head, complete with a soft vinyl bandanna and a Solid Eye device over his left eye. Every bit of detail is realized, from his numerous velcro pouches to working straps on his body armor. He's armed with an assault rifle, handgun, and a CQC stun knife, which are more than enough to take on an entire army for this old war veteran! A clear figure stand is included.


Code: MEDRAH-359
Release Date: Feb 2008
Item Size/Weight: 38.0cm x 26.2cm x 12.2cm / 960g
Manufacturer: Medicom
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