1/6 Project BM! Shotaro Kaneda (AKIRA)

by Medicom
$139.93 USD $174.92 USD


This is a posable doll with real fabric clothing, designed for collectors.

"TETSUOOOOO!" Shotaro Kaneda, the hero (?) of Katsuhiro Otomo's legendary "AKIRA" manga and film is now a fantastically posable 1/6-scale action doll from Medicom and Bandai, working together as Project BM! Built on an improved RAH301 body, with parts specially made to accurately reproduce proportions and maintain posability, Kaneda is 30cm of butt-kicking dynamite in a red faux-leather motorcycle suit, completely detailed to be film-accurate down to the logo on the back of the jacket. His boots are made of a flexible material to allow for ultimate posability! Included are two pairs of gloved hands, his laser cannon with attachable battery pack and cable, an interchangeable head wearing sunglasses, and a figure stand. Don't miss the opportunity to add this truly iconic character to your collection--and don't forget his amazingly detailed motorbike, linked below!Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary.


Code: MEDPBM-030
Release Date: Mar 2010
Series: Akira
Item Size/Weight: 36.0cm x 20.2cm x 8.6cm / 810g
Manufacturer: Medicom
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