1/48 VF-1A & Armor Parts Low Visibility Wood Land Color Set

by Yamato
$163.25 USD $192.06 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

Yamato now offers a perfect pairing of their 1/48-scale VF-1A Low Visibility Wood Land Color transformable Valkyrie with VF-1 Armor Parts Low Visibility Wood Land Color! Both items are packed in their original flap-top window boxes and everything remains unchanged. Still a worthy purchase to add to your collection if you hadn't already own them!

The VF-1A variable Valkyrie comes finished in a wood land camouflage color scheme. Transformable between its Battroid, Fighter, and Gerwalk modes, the VF-1A can be armed with the included gunpod and missiles. A pilot figure is also provided to man the machine.

There are a total of 38 detailed low visibility wood land color armor parts in this set that can be attached to VF-1A or any other 1/48-scale VF-1 made by Yamato. A whopping 68 missiles are included, too!

Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary.


Code: YMT00075
Release Date: Jan 2009
Series: Macross
Item Size/Weight: 37.0cm x 36.0cm x 28.7cm / 2940g
Manufacturer: Yamato