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    Swedish Air Force All-Weather Interceptor Fighter JA37 Jaktovigen Forest Camouflage Masking Sheet Included
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1/48 Swedish Air Force All-Weather Interceptor Fighter JA37 Jaktovigen Forest Camouflage Masking Sheet Included

by Platz

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This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

The Vigen is a jet fighter independently developed, deployed and operated by Sweden. Development started in 1961 as a successor to the Draken. After the successful first flight in 1967, deployment and operation began in 1971. The aircraft is equipped with canards on the left and right of the cockpit, with a delta-shaped main wing. It's equipped with a Pratt & Whitney JT8D-22 engine. While demonstrating a maximum speed of Mach 2.1, it boasted STOL performance that allowed takeoff and landing on short runways. In addition to being equipped with a 30mm Oerlikon KCA cannon as a fixed armament, it was possible to operate the RB71 Skyflash short-range air-to-air missile and the AIM-120AMRAAM medium-range air-to-air missile. A basic type, AJ37, a training type, and a reconnaissance type are also lined up, with more than 300 produced. The JA37, which became the final production type, secured all-weather performance and was active as an interceptor. After that, in 2005, the Vigen was retired in 2005 and awaited the appearance of its successor, the Saab Gripen.

This model kit from Platz reproduces the final production type JA37 Jaktovigen, which was active as an interceptor fighter. A set of three masking sheets is included to reproduce the green forest camouflage paint. The aircraft's unique shape equipped with canards and the distinctive vertical tail are firmly expressed, as is the delicate landing gear, the details in the landing gear storage space, and the cockpit. Decals for two versions are included: the green camouflage markings, and the gray air superiority camouflage markings used only by the JA37 Jaktovigen. A canopy masking sheet is also included. Order yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 34.2cm long when completed
  • [Includes]: Masking sheets, decals for 2 versions


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