1/48 Shin Seiki Gohkin Variable Legioss Zeta

by Aoshima
$77.04 USD $96.30 USD


This is an action toy, with some die-cast metal parts, of a science fiction/anime character or item.

The Shin Seiki Gohkin line now spotlights the transformable fighters from anime classic "Genesis Climber Mospeada" with this offering of Legioss Zeta! Based on Toynami's molds, Aoshima made improvements to each unit including an added missile launcher on the left shoulder, improved thighs with no seam lines on the front, and a slot for the beam gun located on the lower back. Die-cast metal parts bring a nice hefty feel, and the ratcheted joints make possible a good range of movements. As seen in the show, Legioss Zeta can switch between Armo-Fighter, Armo-Diver, and Armo-Soldier modes. Weapons include a beam gun and chest missiles, and the covers for the missile pods on its shoulders and legs can open and close. A sheet of stickers is included for custom markings.

There's also a Legioss Iota and Legioss Eta, linked below!


Code: AOS09135
Release Date: Oct 2007
Series: Mospeada
Item Size/Weight: 28.5cm x 20.7cm x 8.0cm / 580g
Manufacturer: Aoshima