1/48 Remote Control Type 66 Maser Cannon #1

by Aoshima
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This is an action toy, with some die-cast metal parts, of a science fiction/anime character or item.

In mid-2007 Aoshima brought us an excellent finished static die-cast model of the Type 66 Maser Cannon, first seen in the Toho film "War of the Gargantuas." The detail was dead-on, and it even lit up! Not only did it light up, but the maser charger in the "neck" pulsed linearly, just like in the movie. (Headlights did not light up, however.)

Now Aoshima takes it a huge step further by making the whole cool thing REMOTE CONTROLLED!! That's right, all the cool stuff as described above, but now it moves! With the hand-held controller you can drive the maser cannon tractor forward, reverse, and turn left and right. You can also raise and lower the cannon itself, rotate the turret, and turn on the pulsing maser effect! Very, very cool! The set also includes replicas of the equipment used in "Operation L," the operation put into action to stop Gaira. (It was working pretty well, too...until Gaira's big brother "Brown Gargantua" Sanda, showed up!)

This version features a nice, clean, factory fresh paint job. Check out Maser Cannon #2 for a weathered version!

Requires three C cell batteries, not included. It's a pretty big piece of hardware in 1/48 scale, too--35.6cm long, or just over 14 inches!

NOTE: This is a "remote controlled" vehicle, not "radio controlled." There is a control cable that runs from the hand-held controller to the rear of the Maser Cannon trailer. The cable is detachable, so you can display the model without the cable hanging out the back. No sound effects either, but the electric motors for the tractor and turrets sound kind of like the Maser beam sound effect!

The video on this page is of the weathered version (linked below), but they function the same! (Godzilla not included!)


Code: AOS09119
Release Date:
Scale: 1/48
Item Size/Weight: 38.3cm x 30.0cm x 12.0cm / 1180g
Manufacturer: Aoshima