1/48 Missile Cart for USAF/NATO w/3 Figures

by Kinetic
$16.70 USD $24.58 USD


This is an injection-plastic detail parts set for use with aircraft kits.

A set of two modern ammo carts for use with aircraft dioramas. Includes several types of weapons cradles to enable a wide variety of missiles, bombs and drop tanks to be carried (weapons not included). Sidewinders, AMRAAMS, JDAMs, CBUs, LGBs - pretty much anything and everything. The instructions are not specific as to which cradles are designed for which types of munitions, however consulting the pictures on the box as well as in one's references (and perhaps a bit of test fitting) should make things clear enough. Also includes three ground crew figures.


Code: KNE48004
Release Date: Mar 2010
Item Size/Weight: 26.2cm x 16.3cm x 3.8cm / 140g
Manufacturer: Kinetic

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