1/48 F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom Ocean Camouflage

by Hasegawa
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This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

Contains parts molded in light grey and clear plastic and includes decals.

From the manufacturer:

The F-4EJ Kai is a modified Phantom II Japan Air Self Defense fighter. The first F-4EJ aircraft were produced in 1968 in Japan by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, under license from McDonnell Douglas to replace the ageing F-86F North American Saberjet fighters of Korean War fame. The F-4EJ modifications were done to extend the useful life of the Phantom II into the 1009s and began in 1980 at Mitsubishi plants in Japan. Using ASIP components to enhance the upgrade, the Westinghouse AN/APG66J acquisition radar was installed.

The AN/APG66J is a small pulse Doppler acquisition radar capable of detecting low flying objects. The computer was changed from analog to the digital type. This allowed one radar to be used for several purposes, plus allowing the use of the domestic made ASM-1 air-to-surface missile. The cockpit flight systems were also changed to digital and the aircraft could now track and lock on three targets simultaneously. A better threat system was also installed for protection, and all information was visible on the cockpit Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).

Using HOTAS throttle control, most of the necessary switching between weapons and communications could now be done without moving the hand from the throttle, and the Head Up Display (HUD) allowed the pilot to view all flight and weapons selections, plus target information without taking his eyes away from outside the cockpit. The upgrade of the F-4EJ extended the life of the aircraft 2,000 flight hours and converted it into a ground support aircraft as well as an already outstanding interceptor.


Code: HSG07392
Release Date: Nov 2014
Item Size/Weight: 42.0cm x 28.0cm x 8.0cm / 570g
Manufacturer: Hasegawa

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