F-14A Tomcat Exhaust Nozzles Varied (for Academy)

by Aires
$12.59 USD $15.74 USD


This is a resin detail parts set for use with aircraft kits.

A set of resin and photoetched F-14A Tomcat exhaust nozzles for use with the Academy kit.  Includes one each open nozzle and closed nozzle.  This accurately represents the way almost all A model Tomcats appeared when parked, as one engine would be shut down first, with the nozzle moving to the closed position, while the nozzle of the other engine would remain open after shutdown due to loss of the hydraulics needed to close the nozzle - cutting off the engine turned off hydraulic and electrical power at the same time!


Code: ARS4527
Release Date: Dec 2011
Item Size/Weight: 19.0cm x 10.7cm x 3.4cm / 40g
Manufacturer: Aires