1/4 Visible Racing 426 Hemi Engine

by Testors
$124.65 USD $124.65 USD


This is an injection-plastic racing car model kit.

Chrysler's legendary 426 Hemi race engine revolutionized American motorsports in the '60s, dominating both the NASCAR oval tracks and the quarter-mile drag strips of the NHRA and AHRA. Getting its name (and power!) from the hemispherical shape of its massive combustion chambers, the factory-stock Hemi was officially rated at 425 horsepower, but in reality it produced closer to 500hp...or more! The race-only version of the Hemi was introduced in 1964 (much to the chagrin of Ford and Chevy!), and the legendary Street Hemi was offered to the general public in 1966 (again, much to the chagrin of Ford and Chevy!). Chrysler continues to offer versions of the Hemi today, keeping the legend alive.

Testors' kit of the monstrous Dodge A-990 426 Hemi Race Engine in monstrous 1/4 scale features exquisitely molded plastic parts, painstakingly duplicated with exact authenticity. An electric motor drives the engine (three AA batteries are required, not included), and the authentic motion of the valves, pistons, and crankshaft is visible though the clear plastic engine block, heads, and optional clear valve covers. Not only that, when you fire it up, you hear the actual sound of a real Hemi engine via a sound chip! Includes a very nice display stand with the name stenciled on the base. Now Testors just needs to release a 1/4-scale 1964 Dodge 330 to drop this big boy into!


Code: TES00453
Release Date: Sep 2007
Item Size/Weight: 44.5cm x 31.0cm x 25.5cm / 2630g
Manufacturer: Testors

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