1/35 WW.II German IV Jagdpanzer L / 70 (V) with Lang Magic Track

by Dragon
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

The Panzer IV was one of the main German tanks of World War II. Many variations of the Panzer IV were developed; one of them was the Jagdpanzer IV. A low fixed battle room with a total height of less than two meters was installed on the body of the Panzer IV, and a 48-caliber 7.5cm gun was installed; production began in 1944. After that, an improved version equipped with a long-barreled 70-caliber 7.5cm gun appeared, and it was named JagdPz IV/70 -- Jagdpanzer IV Destroyer 70. It was produced from August 1944 to March 1945. Hiding in the shadows by taking advantage of its low silhouette and shooting at Allied tanks from a long distance by taking advantage of the power of its long-barreled 70-caliber cannon, the Jagdpanzer IV continued to fight hard on various fronts until the end of the war.

This model kit from Dragon accurately expresses the low, sharp body form of the JagdPz IV/70 equipped with a long-barreled 70-caliber 7.5cm gun. The lower part of the hull is an integrated part that's slide-molded for a high level of detail. The upper hull, battle room, engine deck and more are all slide-molded in one piece for a realistic finish. Prefabricated Magic Tracks are included; the Schulzen is also modeled accurately. Order yours today!


Code: DRA6397
Release Date:
Scale: 1/35
Item Size/Weight: 38.0cm x 24.5cm x 8.0cm / 660g
Manufacturer: Dragon

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