1/35 T28 Super Heavy Tank

by Cyber Hobby
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

Designed to assault the Siegfried Line and to take on the monstrous Maus and E-100 heavy tanks of Germany during WWII, the US Super Heavy Tank T28 (early designation was T95) packed a 105mm main gun in the front of the hull, weighed over 95 tons, and was equipped with four sets of tracks to help distribute that weight more evenly. A fun feature was that the two outer track and suspension units could be detached from the vehicle, bolted together, and pulled behind for transportation. The vehicle never made it past the testing stage, and only two were ever built, neither seeing any action. 

With Meng Model's release of the massive British A39 Tortoise, modellers have been wondering who will be the first to release an injection-molded kit of the even more massive American T28 Super Heavy Tank...and it's Dragon/Cyber-Hobby for the win! Featuring incredible detail throughout, including the outboard track sponsons which can be built either on for combat mode or off for transport mode. The tracks are rendered as flexible "Dragon Styrene" belts, so no worries about having to build four long runs of indy-link tracks! You'll still have to glue on the individual guide horns, though. Includes photo-etched metal detail parts and an aluminum gun barrel. The roadwheel tires are molded separately from the wheels, which should simplify painting. This is a great addition to any collection of Allied armor, or any armor collection, for that matter! 


Code: CYVCH6750
Release Date: Oct 2012
Item Size/Weight: 42.2cm x 27.0cm x 9.7cm / 1070g
Manufacturer: Cyber Hobby

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