1/35 German Grenadiers Set #2

by Tristar
$9.45 USD $11.81 USD


This is an injection-plastic figure set for use with military dioramas or individual display.

This is a set of four figures of the German Panzer Grenadier in late-war pattern winter clothing. The original master model was sculpted by the famous military diorama builder and figure sculptor, Yoshitaka Hirano. Tristar succeeded in reproducing it as an injection kit. Figures are divided in many parts trying so as to retain the delicate texture of the master. Highly detailed infantry weapons like the MP-44 and G-43 rifle are included. The Kar 98K rifle is especially splendid; its bolt section is cast as separate parts, so you can keep the bolt in an open position (this is one of Yoshitaka's favorite gimmicks). There is another fascinating gimmick in this set, the ventilation holes of the upper side of MG42 are actually molded!! This detail is always neglected by other manufacturers. The MG ammo can with side molding is precious, too.


Code: TRS35005
Release Date: Feb 2003
Item Size/Weight: 26.0cm x 16.0cm x 3.5cm / 130g
Manufacturer: Tristar

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