1/35 Dodge 3/4t Truck Instruments & Misc. Stencils

by Archer
$7.68 USD $7.68 USD


This is a sheet of decals for marking military vehicle models.

Archer dry transfers are an efficient and easy way to get great-looking, accurate markings on your models. Simply tape the markings where you want them, burnish them on, and you've got a perfect, margin-free marking, as if it was painted on! Unlike conventional waterslide decals, there is no clear carrier film to silver or leave a margin around the marking, so you get a realistic finish every time.

This is a set of instruments and placards for Dodge 3/4 ton trucks. For the Sky Bow and AFV Club kits.


Code: ARCAR35248
Release Date: Sep 2007
Item Size/Weight: 15.8cm x 8.0cm x 0.1cm / 10g
Manufacturer: Archer

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